Professional Computer Services for Professionals

Windows - All Variants


General network, hardware, and operating system support. Specializing in getting mixed Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server, and 7 networks to share and work well together.

Custom development available in Visual BASIC .NET, C#, ASP.NET, and other languages. We are able to support and/or complete programs written by others if you have the source code.

LINUX Distributions (Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, and others)


Over the two plus decades since it was first released to the world, tens of thousands of programmers have created a truly robust and open operating system. For it's first decade it was relegated to the technical elite, but it has certainly grown up into a serious environment. For web-servers, file-servers, and database-servers the price (free) and the reliability (rock solid) make LINUX a strong contender.

Pick and Multivalue Consulting and Software


As a college summer intern in 1986, I was first introduced to the Reality system from Microdata, and I have been programming and supporting multi-value systems since then. Systems I have programmed on and supported included the Pick/Raining Data/Tiger Logic R83, AP, D3, and mvBASE systems; Universe; Pr1me Information; and Revelation. Several clients still have and use these systems as their power comes from the unique data model and ability to upgrade.

If you have an orphaned system of this type, we are a source for you.

Android Development


Currently have one client with a custom order entry application that their remote salesmen are using to capture orders and upload to the server. This application also is being used in their three warehouses for inventory counts, and checking transfers in and out. Used the camera on the phone to snap and decode bar-codes for faster entry.

Apple Macintosh Support


Basic hardware, software, and networking support available for the entire Macintosh line of systems. The "Mac" is and probably will always be a great machine and platform. They will be included as you desire.

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